Acker is honored to be a premier partner for Season 2 of Roadside Terroir, an audio travel guide for wine lovers who want to dig into the subject of terroir. Season 2 takes place in the birthplace of terroir itself--Burgundy's Côte d'Or, or Golden Slope, and will cover every appellation from north to south. Burgundy is close to our hearts here at Acker, and we know that you’ll enjoy taking this journey to one of the most historic wine regions in the world through the eyes of host and geologist, Brenna Quigley.

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In-Depth with Brenna

Join Acker as we discover what makes Brenna tick, what keeps her up at night, the biggest takeaways from her season in Burgundy, and what’s next for the host and geologist.

Becky Wasserman Selections

Côte d’Or Wines

Host Brenna Quigley

Brenna, accomplished geologist and founder and host of Roadside Terroir, wants nothing more than to tell you a story about the rocks that surround you every day, and how they fit into the creation of our planet. Brenna works with wine professionals in all areas of the trade, from growers in France to importers and buyers in the US, in order to precisely define the most impactful elements of their terroirs in a relevant and approachable manner. Her work takes her all over the world, from Santa Barbara to Burgundy, Napa to Barolo, Galicia to Vienna, and much more.

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